Stacey Bell, Head Instructor

Teaching & Training

Ms. Bell is a 3rd degree black belt in American Karate. She has taught American Karate to children and adults for almost a decade, and has also coached a successful competition team. Ms. Bell believes that, as Gichin Funakoshi said, karate should begin and end with respect. Her aim in teaching karate is to inspire students to become excellent martial artists and to improve their physical health, focus, concentration, and confidence while instilling respect for self and others. Competition is part of the curriculum, and serves as a pressure test for skills.

Honors & Awards

  • UGMA State Champion, 40+ CMX Forms, CMX and Traditional Weapons, and Sparring, 2015
  • Texas Karate Organization (TKO) State Champion, 35+ Women Sparring, 2014
  • TKO State Champion, 35+ Women Weapons, 2014
  • Undefeated in 35+ Women Sparring in TKO tournaments, 2014
  • Top Texas 10 Women Warriors 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Amateur Organization of Karate (AOK) Black Belt Rookie of the Year 2011
  • Ranked in top 5 AOK Central Region Executive Women (32+) Sparring, 2009-2013
  • ASK Black Belt Competitor of the Year 2011
  • ASK Brown Belt of the Year 2009


Sebastian Bell, Assistant Instructor

Mr. Bell earned his junior black belt in 2011, and has competed throughout Texas in point and continuous sparring. He was the TKO State Champion in 14-15 Black Belt Boys Sparring in 2014, as well as the UGMA State Champion in 16-17 Black Belt Boys Sparring in 2015.