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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take a “Summer Break” from Karate

Summer is coming fast, and many students will drop out of karate until the start of the next school year. Here are some reasons why that’s not a great idea.

7. Your body forgets.

Learning karate involves developing “muscle memory” so that you can react without taking time to think. Only consistent practice can maintain this.

6. Some is better than none.

So you have a busy summer, with lots of travel plans. That makes it hard to attend every class, but attending as many as possible will allow you to maintain your skills, and maybe even to progress.

5. Loss of skill.

Students returning to class after a 3 month absence show deficits even in previously well-practiced skills.

4. Self-improvement.

At its foundation, studying karate is about committing to work toward constant improvement, not just fulfilling rank requirements on schedule. You can’t improve if you don’t train.

3. Classes are smaller.

Not everyone will take this advice, so you’ll have more individual attention in class.

2. The martial artists you most admire train all year.

If you want to be one of the best, you have to train like the best. Just sayin’.

Last, but definitely not least:

1. Your instructor misses you!

I’ll be there, teaching. I hope you’ll join me.





News and Events

Congratulations to everyone who tested in the last two weeks!

Green stripe: Miles, Louisa

Orange stripe: Thea, Willa, RJ, Claire, Vivian

Yellow belt: Makayla (left), Danica, Ron

Yellow stripe: Gracie, Anders, Clara



Danica (right) wins big at TKO Qualifier Centex Open

At her very first statewide tournament, Danica took

second place in sparring. Congratulations!



Academic Achievement Awards and Picture Night

On June 16th, we’ll have a professional photographer visiting to take posed and action shots of students. Sitting fee is only $10 and includes your choice of 1 digital image. Prints and packages will also be available.

Also on June 16th, we will have our annual Academic Achievement Awards. Please submit your report card by June 9th to earn your certificate and Academic Achievement patch.

Results and Photos from PKC’s Texas Showdown

What a great tournament! Five Bell Sport Karate students attended, bringing home a total of FIVE 1st places, two 2nd places, a 3rd place, and two 4th places. Even better, all of them showed excellent sportsmanship, focus, and courage.






Danica (l) and Hudson (r) each won 1st place trophies in both kata and sparring.


Makayla (l) won 1st in sparring and 2nd in kata.

Vivian won 2nd in sparring and 3rd in kata.

Hayes came in 4th in both sparring and kata against some very tough competition.

[Someone please send me pictures of Vivian and Hayes at the tournament so I can add them here! Thanks!]

I hope to add some videos soon, but they need a bit more editing.

Congratulations to all of our competitors! Hope all of you make it to the next tournament, which is the CenTex Open in Austin on April 22.







Results from the TKO Showdown in H Town 3/4/17

Here’s a very late update on the Fight Team’s most recent competition. Bell Sport Karate took a total of five competitors to Houston for Mr. Montifar’s event, and we had a great time competing.

Warming up

RJ took 2nd in 10-11 Intermediate Creative Forms.
Thea took 3rd in 10-11 Intermediate Creative Forms.
Louisa took 1st in 35+ Underbelt Creative Forms, 1st in 35+ Underbelt Creative, Weapons, and 1st in 35+ Intermediate Sparring.

Dinner after the tournament.

Ron took 1st in 35+ Beginner Traditional Forms and 1st in 35+ Beginner Sparring.
Ms. Bell took 2nd in 35+ Black Belt Creative Forms, 3rd in 35+ Black Belt Creative Weapons, and 2nd in 35+ 35+ Black Belt Sparring.


The Fight Team’s next tournament will be Chance Turner’s Centex Open in Austin on April 22nd.

Before that, though, Bell Sport Karate students will be competing at the upcoming PKC Texas Showdown in Kyle on March 25th.

Hope to see you there!

The Banner is UP, and Other News

The Bell Sport Karate banner is up at Pease Elementary School. You can see it at the corner of 12th and Rio Grande. We are proud to support Pease! 5% of all gear, uniform, and manual sales are donated to the Pease Elementary PTA.

6 members of the Fight Team competed at the TKO Kickoff in Houston on January 21st. We brought home a dozen medals in various events, and gained a lot of valuable tournament experience.

Pictured (right) are several members of the team, who were back hard at work on the 22nd preparing for the next tournament.

RJ and Louisa both had the great opportunity to compete for underbelt Grand Champion in the junior and adult intermediate divisions after winning their forms divisions. While neither of them won Grand, they both maintained their composure under pressure and performed well.

Bell Sport Karate Students to Appear at Pease Elementary PTA Meeting

Two members of the Bell Sport Karate Fight Team, RJ and Thea, will be performing at the Pease Elementary School PTA meeting at 6 pm on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016.20160813_100437_1471123206459

RJ will show off his creative bo form, while Thea will do a creative empty hand form.

Ms. Bell will provide information for parents and staff about Bell Sport Karate and our partnership with Pease.img_46172b

If you would like us to do a demonstration and provide information at your school, get in touch with Ms. Bell.

Give the Gift of Gear!






It’s never too early to start your holiday shopping!

Sparring gear, weapons, gear bags–they all make great gifts. Order early to make sure your items arrive on time.

Some suggestions:

New(ish) students would love to have sparring gear of their own–especially on those nights when someone else gets their favorite headgear or gloves. The headgear sold on this site is the best dipped foam headgear you can buy, with padding around the chin and jaw to prevent strikes and kicks from slipping under the face shield. Check it out HERE. (Please note that the headgear pictured is not what was just described–the photo will be updated soon.)

More established students might want to replace worn out or outgrown gear with pro-style gloves and kicks. These provide superior hand and foot protection and last longer than the basic dipped foam gear. The enclosed gloves prevent jammed fingers and thumbs, and the elastic fasteners on the kicks allow more of the sole of the foot to touch the floor, so are less slippery and more comfortable than foam kicks. You’ve probably seen these worn by Ms. Bell and by some Fight Team members. This gear is available in NINE colors! See them HERE.

Gear bags are always useful; you can buy stylish ones that will fit all of your gear and manual HERE. Stickers, t-shirts, and mouthguards make great stocking stuffers! Students who are interested in learning bo, tonfa, and kama can find student weapons HERE. If you want to buy competition weapons, please contact Ms. Bell for more information.



Students Compete at PKC’s Clash of the Titans 2016

Bell Sport Karate students kicked some serious face at PKC’s annual team tournament on October 15th. PKC’s students and instructors gave us a warm welcome and ran a great tournament–we will be back next year for more fun!


In beginner girls 7-9 teams, the Mad Maidens brought home the gold. Blaine, Danica, and Makayla had great fights, and Danica was the highest-scoring kata competitor in the division. Not bad for their very first tournament.

img_0005-2Willa and Vivian, the Taco Foxes, won gold in the intermediate girls 7-9 division. They had a silly team name, but were serious competitors. They fought hard, and it paid off. Vivian showed great poise competing in kata for the first time.

hudsonHudson was on his own this time around, so he joined forces with some PKC students to form the Leopards, who won a gold, then a silver in 6-under teams.

unicornsOur 10-12 intermediate girls team was the Unicorns: Claire, Thea, and Elle. They won bronze in their first division, where they fought some extremely tough advanced-rank competitors, then gold in their second division.

20161015_13345710-12 intermediate boys was a large division, so our Ninja Warriors, Hayes and Gavin, each had to fight a lot of matches. They took gold in their division, then fought for Grand, but fell a little short, earning silver medals.

Our adult competitors were camera-shy, so no pictures of them are available, unfortunately. Louisa was our lone intermediate woman, so she joined two PKC competitors to create a gold medal-winning team. As an orange belt, Bill was the lowest-ranked man at the tournament, but he held his own fighting a brown belt, and his team brought home silver medals.

Special thanks for the hospitality to Jason Pratt, Theresa Pratt, and Lauren Johnson.