7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take a “Summer Break” from Karate

Summer is coming fast, and many students will drop out of karate until the start of the next school year. Here are some reasons why that’s not a great idea.

7. Your body forgets.

Learning karate involves developing “muscle memory” so that you can react without taking time to think. Only consistent practice can maintain this.

6. Some is better than none.

So you have a busy summer, with lots of travel plans. That makes it hard to attend every class, but attending as many as possible will allow you to maintain your skills, and maybe even to progress.

5. Loss of skill.

Students returning to class after a 3 month absence show deficits even in previously well-practiced skills.

4. Self-improvement.

At its foundation, studying karate is about committing to work toward constant improvement, not just fulfilling rank requirements on schedule. You can’t improve if you don’t train.

3. Classes are smaller.

Not everyone will take this advice, so you’ll have more individual attention in class.

2. The martial artists you most admire train all year.

If you want to be one of the best, you have to train like the best. Just sayin’.

Last, but definitely not least:

1. Your instructor misses you!

I’ll be there, teaching. I hope you’ll join me.





News and Events

Congratulations to everyone who tested in the last two weeks!

Green stripe: Miles, Louisa

Orange stripe: Thea, Willa, RJ, Claire, Vivian

Yellow belt: Makayla (left), Danica, Ron

Yellow stripe: Gracie, Anders, Clara



Danica (right) wins big at TKO Qualifier Centex Open

At her very first statewide tournament, Danica took

second place in sparring. Congratulations!



Academic Achievement Awards and Picture Night

On June 16th, we’ll have a professional photographer visiting to take posed and action shots of students. Sitting fee is only $10 and includes your choice of 1 digital image. Prints and packages will also be available.

Also on June 16th, we will have our annual Academic Achievement Awards. Please submit your report card by June 9th to earn your certificate and Academic Achievement patch.