Results and Photos from PKC’s Texas Showdown

What a great tournament! Five Bell Sport Karate students attended, bringing home a total of FIVE 1st places, two 2nd places, a 3rd place, and two 4th places. Even better, all of them showed excellent sportsmanship, focus, and courage.






Danica (l) and Hudson (r) each won 1st place trophies in both kata and sparring.


Makayla (l) won 1st in sparring and 2nd in kata.

Vivian won 2nd in sparring and 3rd in kata.

Hayes came in 4th in both sparring and kata against some very tough competition.

[Someone please send me pictures of Vivian and Hayes at the tournament so I can add them here! Thanks!]

I hope to add some videos soon, but they need a bit more editing.

Congratulations to all of our competitors! Hope all of you make it to the next tournament, which is the CenTex Open in Austin on April 22.







Results from the TKO Showdown in H Town 3/4/17

Here’s a very late update on the Fight Team’s most recent competition. Bell Sport Karate took a total of five competitors to Houston for Mr. Montifar’s event, and we had a great time competing.

Warming up

RJ took 2nd in 10-11 Intermediate Creative Forms.
Thea took 3rd in 10-11 Intermediate Creative Forms.
Louisa took 1st in 35+ Underbelt Creative Forms, 1st in 35+ Underbelt Creative, Weapons, and 1st in 35+ Intermediate Sparring.

Dinner after the tournament.

Ron took 1st in 35+ Beginner Traditional Forms and 1st in 35+ Beginner Sparring.
Ms. Bell took 2nd in 35+ Black Belt Creative Forms, 3rd in 35+ Black Belt Creative Weapons, and 2nd in 35+ 35+ Black Belt Sparring.


The Fight Team’s next tournament will be Chance Turner’s Centex Open in Austin on April 22nd.

Before that, though, Bell Sport Karate students will be competing at the upcoming PKC Texas Showdown in Kyle on March 25th.

Hope to see you there!