Bell Sport Karate Students to Appear at Pease Elementary PTA Meeting

Two members of the Bell Sport Karate Fight Team, RJ and Thea, will be performing at the Pease Elementary School PTA meeting at 6 pm on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016.20160813_100437_1471123206459

RJ will show off his creative bo form, while Thea will do a creative empty hand form.

Ms. Bell will provide information for parents and staff about Bell Sport Karate and our partnership with Pease.img_46172b

If you would like us to do a demonstration and provide information at your school, get in touch with Ms. Bell.

Give the Gift of Gear!






It’s never too early to start your holiday shopping!

Sparring gear, weapons, gear bags–they all make great gifts. Order early to make sure your items arrive on time.

Some suggestions:

New(ish) students would love to have sparring gear of their own–especially on those nights when someone else gets their favorite headgear or gloves. The headgear sold on this site is the best dipped foam headgear you can buy, with padding around the chin and jaw to prevent strikes and kicks from slipping under the face shield. Check it out HERE. (Please note that the headgear pictured is not what was just described–the photo will be updated soon.)

More established students might want to replace worn out or outgrown gear with pro-style gloves and kicks. These provide superior hand and foot protection and last longer than the basic dipped foam gear. The enclosed gloves prevent jammed fingers and thumbs, and the elastic fasteners on the kicks allow more of the sole of the foot to touch the floor, so are less slippery and more comfortable than foam kicks. You’ve probably seen these worn by Ms. Bell and by some Fight Team members. This gear is available in NINE colors! See them HERE.

Gear bags are always useful; you can buy stylish ones that will fit all of your gear and manual HERE. Stickers, t-shirts, and mouthguards make great stocking stuffers! Students who are interested in learning bo, tonfa, and kama can find student weapons HERE. If you want to buy competition weapons, please contact Ms. Bell for more information.