Students Compete at PKC’s Clash of the Titans 2016

Bell Sport Karate students kicked some serious face at PKC’s annual team tournament on October 15th. PKC’s students and instructors gave us a warm welcome and ran a great tournament–we will be back next year for more fun!


In beginner girls 7-9 teams, the Mad Maidens brought home the gold. Blaine, Danica, and Makayla had great fights, and Danica was the highest-scoring kata competitor in the division. Not bad for their very first tournament.

img_0005-2Willa and Vivian, the Taco Foxes, won gold in the intermediate girls 7-9 division. They had a silly team name, but were serious competitors. They fought hard, and it paid off. Vivian showed great poise competing in kata for the first time.

hudsonHudson was on his own this time around, so he joined forces with some PKC students to form the Leopards, who won a gold, then a silver in 6-under teams.

unicornsOur 10-12 intermediate girls team was the Unicorns: Claire, Thea, and Elle. They won bronze in their first division, where they fought some extremely tough advanced-rank competitors, then gold in their second division.

20161015_13345710-12 intermediate boys was a large division, so our Ninja Warriors, Hayes and Gavin, each had to fight a lot of matches. They took gold in their division, then fought for Grand, but fell a little short, earning silver medals.

Our adult competitors were camera-shy, so no pictures of them are available, unfortunately. Louisa was our lone intermediate woman, so she joined two PKC competitors to create a gold medal-winning team. As an orange belt, Bill was the lowest-ranked man at the tournament, but he held his own fighting a brown belt, and his team brought home silver medals.

Special thanks for the hospitality to Jason Pratt, Theresa Pratt, and Lauren Johnson.



New Weapons Class Starts October 5th

Weapons ClassStudents will learn the basics of bo, tonfa, and kama from 6:30-7:30 on Wednesdays. We’ll be starting with bo this week. This class is available only to students enrolled in Friday or Sunday classes.

Students may borrow a bo to use in class, or purchase one from Ms. Bell for $20 so that they will be able to practice at home.

Contact Ms. Bell at or 512.971.6845 for more information.